Our Story

Our Founder Jim Curry, never knew a stranger, could bring a smile to anyone he met, and was known for the love and passion he put into everything he did. That dedication to perfection can be tasted in Jim Curry’s well known blend that he put his heart and soul into creating. After his unexpected passing in 2018, it is our family’s mission to continue his legacy. While Curry Ranch Original is suggested for use on meats and vegetables, it adds ample flavor to much more! For the Pit Master: rub it on pork, brisket, ribs and chicken. Also try it on french fries, fried veggies, wings, burgers, pasta, seafood, eggs, popcorn and much more for a sweet and savory, yet smoky flavor unlike any other. We are also proud to share that you will not find any GMO’s, Gluten or MSG in Curry Ranch Original. We truly hope that you enjoy using it as much as Jim enjoyed creating it. We know that for every sprinkle of his seasoning being placed on your food, he is smiling down with joy and beaming with pride. Thank you for helping us continue his legacy.